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Are you struggling to bring new clients into your intuitive eating private practice?

Do you feel unsure of how to hold discovery (or intro) calls for clients interested in working with you?

Is it hard to find your go-to intuitive eating talking points for discovery calls when clients ask hard questions?

It can be tough to do all of the above without sharing too much, scaring a client away, or leaving them more confused than when they started. 

The Intuitive Eating Discovery Call Template helps you do all of the following: 

  • Feel more confident going into your new client discovery calls!
  • Navigate how to structure your discovery calls, setting boundaries for your time and expertise!
  • Bring in more clients to your intuitive eating private practice!
  • Answer tough questions with just enough information to keep the client interested in your approach!
  • Explain your intuitive eating, weight-inclusive approach without sharing too much!

This Intuitive Eating Discovery Call Template is here to save you, and help you bring in new clients to your non-diet private practice! Discovery calls can be a powerful way to help clients meet you before they commit to working with you (and vice versa), to decide if your approach feels like a good fit. It’s a great opportunity to gently introduce your intuitive eating approach, and make sure you are able to meet the client where they are. 

ADDITIONAL RESOURCE: Intuitive Eating Client Session Template 

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