Iron and Vitamin C Combo Foods

Pictorial handout showing high iron and high vitamin C:

Page 1:  High iron proteins (meats and vegetarian choices), grains, and veggies.  All products show mg of iron per serving size

Page 2: High vitamin C fruits and vegetables.  High and low potassium fruits and veggies are designated for renal patients needing to watch potassium levels.

Page 3: Shows a few simple high iron + high vitamin C combos to illustrate the importance of combining foods for maximum iron absorption.  Also shows cast iron skillet and lucky iron fish as tools to increase iron intake.

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My name is Jessianna Saville. I’m a registered dietitian of eleven years, a board certified renal nutrition specialist, and certified LEAP therapist. There is a lot of confusing information on the internet about the renal diet. Potassium, phosphorus, protein, sodium, vegetarian, and on it goes, every search leading you in a different direction. I consider myself the “can-have” dietitian and want to show all the foods people with renal failure can have, not only what they need to limit. I love helping people find answers about what to eat and find joy in every bite!

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