Is This Food Dialysis Friendly Bulletin Board – Summer Edition

As the seasons change, dialysis (HD) patients may have questions about specific foods. These are often related to in season produce and summer cookouts.  This bulletin board offers an interactive element to quiz patients on their knowledge!  

The 60 foods featured include fruits, vegetables and common picnic items. Each items includes:

  • Name of Food
  • Photo of Food
  • If the food is HD friendly with a brief description

To assemble:

  • Cut out individual squares
  • On one side of a folded piece of colored paper place the food name with photo

  • On the interior flap, paste the description

  • Arrange completed items on the board in your desired arrangement
  • Recommendation: use multiple colors of paper to keep display more visually engaging  

Patients can test their knowledge while they wait, reinforcing dietary restrictions and discovering appropriate seasonal foods.

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Wendy Cartier, RDN

Hello! I am a Registered Dietitian Nutritionist, currently working in Outpatient Dialysis. The dialysis diet can be very challenging and often restricts my patients favorite foods. To help them feel like they are still able to enjoy meals, I like to create engaging, upbeat and informative educational content. My work focuses on what they can enjoy rather than what is restricted, as well as how to include their favorite items safely. In additional to hemodialysis focused materials, I also focus on wellness and weight management (Certificate of Adult Weight Management Level 1 and 2).

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