Using this document, communities can capture the results of an assessment of the proper use of assistive devices in dining services by answering questions such as:

  • Are there enough devices on hand in the dietary department to provide for three meals per day for each person who needs them?
  • Are staff members correctly using assistive devices when helping the resident during meal service?
  • Is the need for assistive devices noted in the resident’s care plan?

Dignity Matters.

Helping residents maintain their independence leads to better outcomes. This tool is a comprehensive evaluation of assistive device interventions from ordering them to delivery and use of an item. Check that the appropriate assistance is available to ensure that the resident can use the assistive devices when consuming meals and snacks.

What do you do with this information? 

Answer ten vital questions that assess whether assistive devices are being used properly. Once you complete this assessment, review the results with the appropriate staff member(s), and take corrective action as needed.  

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