January Rockin' Resolutions Dialysis Bulletin Board

Music is a good way to remember!

January 1 is upon us!  This rock star bulletin board is one of two January dialysis bulletin board themes that I have for you.If you have patients at your facility that love music (and likely you have plenty of them!) this is a good board to help you make some fun connections.  Instead of reminding them to take their phosphate binders you can now just sing, “I will remember you…” and they’ll know what you’re talking about.

I tried to pick songs that were familiar to everyone.  I knew all these songs except the “Asparagus Next Left.” In my defense, finding a song about low potassium vegetables was super hard.

This board has EIGHT resolutions for dialysis patientsand a popular song to go with them:

  1. “Strawberry fields forever”: encouraging fresh fruit intake
  2. “Asparagus next left”: encouraging fresh and frozen vegetable intake
  3. “No milk today”: Encouraging decrease in high phos foods (And to look at labels) – there is a bonus picture here of someone inspecting a label that I couldn’t fit on the board
  4. “Parsley, sage, rosemary, and thyme”: encouraging usage of more spices and herbs in cooking – which of course can help cut back on salt
  5. “Let’s groove:” Encouraging more daily activity
  6. “Hey good lookin’! Whatcha’ got cookin’?” :Encouraging cooking at home
  7. “I will remember you…”: Encouraging phosphate binder usage
  8. “Everday..”: encouraging taking a renal multivitamin (which research shows can improve outcomes -hurrah!)

A couple notes on this board

  • I have a list of the supplies that I used in the file
  • I make a list of 4 additional resolutions you could help your patients with (these do not have a song to go with them, but they were other important ideas)
  • There are more pictures in the file then I ended up having room for on my board.  Also on the “Asparagus Next left” I have differenct (Better) vegetable pictures in the file then show up on the board

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