Do you feel like your clients need some basic disease-fighting diet education before they begin their LEAP therapy? I did too. I use this four-week preparatory program to capitalize on that down-time while you wait for MRT test results. It helps my clients implement the basics of disease-fighting dietary habits in a step-by-step manner.
Plus this program is completely automated and client-directed with pre-recorded videos that teach the principles for that week, and a workbook helps your client take action and apply what they have learned that week.
Each week builds on the past, so at the end of 4 weeks they will have several effective disease-fighting habits in place, and be ready to really succeed on the LEAP protocol, and beyond! I have had great success using this program with my own clients. They love the step-by-step approach and the videos that empower them to understand WHY they take each step.
Some benefits I’ve seen from using this program with my LEAP clients:
  • I spend less time in appointments, as this program is completely automated and client-directed.
  • I am empowering my clients with better education on the basics of functional nutrition than ever before. I don’t have to worry about overwhelming them with too much information during their LEAP protocol, spending valuable appointment time teaching the same concepts over and over again, or forgetting to teach them something important during the course of our visits.
  • My clients are seeing better results than ever before, and I feel confident they understand better WHY and how to stay that way after we finish working together.
  • It has allowed me to increase my consulting package price, while actually spending less time in appointments, and getting better client results.
I begin each week with a video where I introduce 1 or 2 main concepts and teach them why they are important. Then they have “commitments” to focus on that will help them implement what they learned that week. The next week builds off of the last so that by the end of the four weeks they have a really solid diet in place. My clients so far have had really good results with it and have been really successful implementing the diet changes because of the education and step-by-step plan that lays it all out. I provide bonus tools like a pantry cheat sheet, label reading activity, and optional meal plans to help them.
The main components of the program are:
  1. The workbook. This lays out each step of the program and links to each video. Each week I also include handouts and links to bonus podcasts, blog posts, and YouTube videos with additional information for those clients who are hungry for knowledge.
  2. The optional meal plans. Meal planning is a commitment each week, and I provide these meal plans as an option for them to follow or use if that helps them. Each week includes a meal plan for breakfast, lunch, dinner, and snack ideas, and a shopping list. There are links to all recipes and even some products they may not be familiar with.
  3. The weekly videos. These are linked to in the workbook. There are 4 videos, one to watch before beginning each week of the program.
  4. A bonus 5th video called Understanding Your MRT Results. They watch this at the end of the 4-week Jumpstart, before our first LEAP appointment. It takes those appointments down from 1.5 hours to about 45 minutes because I don’t have to explain all the basic MRT results information over and over again.

You can use all these materials and videos I’ve already developed and begin using them for your LEAP clients right away. When you purchase this package, you will get an editable copy of the workbook and meal plans, with links to all the videos. You are free to add your own logos and adapt the information in the workbook according to your own style. You can link to my videos each week, or create your own.

This program took me MANY, MANY hours to develop, and I know many other LEAP therapists are considering doing something similar. I decided to make it available to my fellow CLTs that want to save the upfront work, begin making more money on consulting packages right away, and use a program that is proven successful.

3 Ideas to implement this program:

  1. Simply send the links for the workbook and meal plans to your clients when they are ready to begin. They can print and use everything right away. Send them their MRT test kits, and schedule a follow-up appointment at the end of the 4th week of this program. This is how I started out and it was very simple and effective.
  2. Copy and paste everything into an online client program. I have mine set up in Practice Better to be completely online and automatic. You can use other online course platforms like Teachable or Thinkific as well. Set up your 4 week follow-up appointment and send them their MRT test kits.
  3. Set up an automatic email series that sends your client the video links, commitments, and meal plans each week on a schedule, and allows them to send you email updates, etc. Set up your 4 week follow-up appointment and send them their MRT test kits.
I felt like I wasn’t properly educating all my clients prior to implementing this program nor setting them up for long term success because even though they felt better after their LEAP protocol they never learned to eat healthy or why their problems had developed in the first place. I feared many of them would fall back into old eating patterns and end up sick eventually. Using this Jumpstart has improved my clients’ success, shortened the amount of time I actually spend in appointments, and allowed me to actually increase my package prices by $400 (I probably needed to up my prices anyhow, but this definitely adds a lot of value without any extra time spent on my part).
This program did take a ton of time to put together up front, so I could see the value in just taking what I’ve already done, sticking your own logos on it, and adapting any of the steps as needed. You could just use all of my videos to start and eventually create your own as you find out what aspects you’d want to adapt. I know we all have our own style and our own genre of clients.
An overview of what is covered each week:
Week 1: Fluid Fix and Pantry Purge
  • Importance of plenty of water in general and during LEAP therapy
  • A look into various other drinks like soda pop, coffee, and caffeinated tea with a commitment to abstain from all for the next 2 months and why its important to try. So far I haven’t had anybody decide NOT to follow this advice after I explain why.
  • Reasons to eat “real food” and some guidance on how to choose real foods.
  • A pantry purge challenge with a guide included in the workbook.
  • General CDC exercise recommendations, how it helps chronic disease, and a place in the workbook to set an exercise goal.
Week 2: Balance Blood Sugars
  • Why insulin resistance and blood sugar control is important for everyone.
  • Simple explanation of how insulin and blood sugar work.
  • Four practical tools for balancing blood sugars, including the plate method, AHA added sugar guidelines, the “PFC” method, and more. There are corresponding activities in the workbook to help them solidify label reading and recipe reading.

Week 3: Eat the Rainbow

  • Benefits of fruit and vegetable consumption and why important for all chronic disease.
  • A chart to help clients quickly identify how many fruits and veggies they need daily.

Week 4: Manage Your Macros

  • Discussion of what healthy fats, proteins, and carbs actually are.
  • Dispelling myths and sharing research, especially around fat.
  • Discussion of whole grains, “anti-nutrients”, and traditional food prep VS modern, and the gluten-intolerance epidemic.
  • Re-affirming how to balance and adjust macros, as this is discussed in week 2 as well.

Bonus Video: Understanding Your MRT Results

  • The workbook instructs your clients to watch this video at the end of Week 4, and BEFORE your next appointment to go over the Jumpstart program and their MRT test results. If your approach to interpreting results is different than mine, you can simply omit this video or make your own.

Please let me know if you have any questions about this program. I’d be happy to answer them at

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