This is a great resource to help you with individual consults or group classes.

Use this information sheet to get the conversation going, to cover practical skills for eating well at home and building meal planning and meal prep skills.

When your clients are needing to eat at home more often and work on meal planning, this resource is helps:

  • Reduce stress around meal planning and meal prep
  • Simplify meal prep
  • Reduce time spent in the kitchen
  • Keep anyone motivated with preparing meals at home
  • Balance simple meals easily
  • Improve meal planning skills

This helpful 1-page resource lists a few meal planning resources at the bottom of the page to get clients started with ideas for building their own meal planning and space is left for you to add additional resources that you love.

If you like this free “Let’s Eat In” resource, leave a review below to let me know!

Use the free Let’s Eat In resource to get clients started on meal planning ideas and pair it with the helpful Month of Meals resource to take them to the next step with their meal planning skills.  This calendar style meal plan is already complete with 4 weeks of evening meal ideas for them to work with and helps clients plan easy weekly meals that work together and incorporate all food groups and even utilize leftovers.  Learn more about this helpful resource HERE!  And find it along with other meal planning resources in my RD2RD store.

If you’d like to customize the free Let’s Eat In resource to perfectly fit your needs – find the Canva template available here so you can customize it as you wish. You might want to improve it with a new title, colors, font, plus add all your ideas to strengthen the content, and of course add your name and website to make it your own.  This could be a thorough resource for a specific class you’re leading or a simple page for counseling sessions with your own quick edits to this template.

Needing help with packing lunches?  Take a quick peek at this resource full of ideas for packing quick and balanced lunches.

Practice Meal Planning – Recommended Tools

And find help with breakfast with this Free Breakfast planner and a helpful menu of Quick Breakfasts to help those clients who still aren’t eating breakfast or just need a little guidance on including a balanced breakfast to start their day.



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  • Let's Eat In

    Beautiful product for clients. Easy to ready. Easy to use. Great ideas to help clients learn to plan meals for themselves and their families.

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