This handout its an excellent tool to get your clients/patients started on the Low FODMAP diet. The elimination phase of the diet can be overwhelming for the patient as it requires knowledge about the foods to avoid (including combination foods and serving sizes), as well as implementation nuances to ensure nutritional adequacy (including adequate amounts of fiber and prebiotic rich sources to the diet).

For all these reasons, having educational resources right form the get-go helps the client/patient feel more at ease with the implementation of the diet, knowing they have practical recommendations to follow.

Sneaky ingredients commonly added to processed foods, substitutions and low FODMAP alternatives

What’s included? (13-pages)

  • “Before You Start” page including key steps and tips to keep in mind before starting the elimination phase of the FODMAP diet.
  • “FODMAPs 101” page including answers to common questions (what are FODMAPs? How they trigger symptoms?)
  • “Processed Foods” page including label reading hints and list of high FODMAP ingredients commonly added to processed foods. To get your
  • “Adding Low FODMAP Fiber” page including practical recommendations to achieve adequate fiber intake.
  • “Menu Planning” get your patient started with simple recipes. Two pages including a step-by-step:
    • “Built Your Own Low FODMAP Tasty Bowl”
    • “Built Your Own Low FODMAP Nourish Smoothie”
  • “Grocery Shopping List” two pages including a list of high FODMAP foods to avoid and a grocery list including foods tested by MONASH University (creators of the Low FODMAP diet).
  • “Low FODMAP recipes” two pages including five easy to follow low FODMAP recipes and one page including snack ideas.

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  • Low FODMAP

    Excellent resource. It’s clear, well-organized and easy to read. Highly recommend it!

  • Low fodmap

    I liked the way the lists were clear & love the addition of the bowls etc. Nice job.

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