Sodium: How Much is Too Much?

Do you often find that patients are misunderstanding how much, why and where they can limit the amount of sodium in their diet?  Or perhaps they tell you, “I don’t use salt”?  This handout might help YOU help THEM understand. 

This educational sodium handout is intended for use in the adult population.  It is a comprehensive low sodium facts and tips sheet created to use alone or to supplement other low sodium dietary handouts.  This 2-page PDF document will explain the relationship between sodium and heart health while following American Heart Association recommendations.

Following heart healthy diet restrictions can be frustrating!

Thinking about all the foods you CANNOT eat can be unpleasant and depressing.  Heart patients may feel overly restricted and unsure how to change their eating patterns or food choices and want to quit before they even start. 

Knowing that facts are a great place to start when taking charge of one’s heart health.  It gives you the know-how of where change needs to happen.   What nutritional habits do you have that could be improved? And what resources do experts recommend to make eating healthier easier?   

Here’s the answer!

Get familiar with which foods may be adding unnecessary fat, sodium and cholesterol to your diet.  Not only that, but educate yourself on alternatives to these foods so you feel less unhappy making changes and more CONFIDENT AND FULFILLED!  American Heart Association Guidelines are referenced and a reputable source for all things heart-related.  

Help your clients realize that just because they do not use the salt shaker, it doesn’t necessarily mean they’re staying within low sodium guidelines.  AND that there are several things they can do about it! 

Product Description:

  • Unbranded
  • Colorful
  • Printable

Information touches on several topics including: 

  • Sodium facts 
  • Lists AHA daily sodium recommendation
  • Signs/symptoms of consuming too much sodium
  • Foods high in sodium
  • Foods low in sodium
  • Salt substitute options
  • What to look for on nutrition labels
  • Low sodium snack ideas

For more heart healthy info and handouts, check out the Kiran Campbell Nutrition webpage at:

Here’s to eating heart healthy for life!

Kiran Campbell Nutrition

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