Help your clients learn about their satisfaction factor, mindful eating & hunger cues using this handout

As a non-diet and intuitive eating dietitian, I am always walk clients through rediscovering their hunger cues, and exploring their satisfaction factor. So far, I’ve had 100% success rate helping clients identify the pleasure & joy they could experience with food when tuning in to their cues. Whenever I’ve used this activity & exercise, they always come back to me and say how they now feel confident stopping eating foods they no longer enjoy past their satisfaction. SUCCESS! 

This CANVA TEMPLATE resource includes:  

  • Discussion on the different types of hunger
  • Introduction to the hunger scale and how to use this tool with image for visual learners
  • Introduction to the restrict-binge cycle with image for visual learners
  • A 5-minute mindful eating guided exercise
  • Reflection questions on the mindful eating guided exercise

BONUS: Included in the template, the Restrict-Binge Cycle which you can edit & download as an independent image to use in your client sessions.

(I print the restrict-binge cycle and laminate it to show it to clients in sessions especially when we’re addressing intuitive eating principles, impact after restriction, night-time eating, binge-eating and/or emotional eating – clients always appreciate it!)

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