Mindful and Intuitive Eating have become extremely hot topics in social media and the world of dietetics over the past few years.  While the interest and popularity of these practices has mounted, it has also come with much confusion and misinterpretations. 

This presentation covers the following objectives: 

*The definition of mindful and intuitive eating

*The 10 principles of intuitive eating

*How mindful/intuitive eating can help your clients

*Learning how to recognize true hunger vs. emotional hunger

*How to incorporate mindfulness into your practice and everyday life

This presentation is designed to educate the healthcare professional (therapists, social workers, nurses, doctors), and as a way to share your expertise and provide value to potential referral sources.  It is an excellent way to spread the word on this topic as an effective way to improve clients’ relationship with their food.

It can also be modified to use for potential clients or the general public for a mindful and intuitive eating workshop, so you can re-purpose your content and don’t have to reinvent the wheel.

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