If you have clients looking to heal their relationships with exercise, this all-inclusive bundle is for you! It can be used in group or individual settings. It is specifically designed for those struggling with current/past disordered eating with a negative relationship with exercise.

 Mindful Movement Lesson

*Includes dietitian leader outline (5 pages) and client follow along handout (4 pages)

*Assesses past/current relationship with movement 

*Discusses how activity levels are determined in eating disorder recovery

*Key characteristics of both healthy & unhealthy relationships with exercise

*Negative physical and mental consequences of over-movement

*Positive outcomes of movement when engaging in it mindfully and within activity recommendations

*Numerous tips on how to improve relationships with movement

Mindful Movement Flow Chart Activity

This is a tool clients can use to help them determine whether engaging in movement will be helpful or harmful, based on their personal goals.

*Includes dietitian leader outline (5 pages) and client follow along handout (7 pages)

*Various prompting questions to build insight 

*Example flow charts from real clients 

Mindful Movement Self-reflection Form

This is a client-based tool intended to be used as an ongoing journal to learn about exercise habits over time.

*Evaluates thoughts, feelings, & sensations when engaging in physical activity 

*Helps build insight into the potential benefits or harm of current exercise

*Great for gathering specific information for both clients and clinicians

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