What To Expect From This Course

Working as an eating disorder dietitian is unique & challenging work! It’s a job we don’t learn about in school. So what do those of us in this unique niche of dietetics do? Find out in this comprehensive mini course!

Course objectives:

  • Identify characteristics and symptoms of various eating disorder diagnoses
  • Debunk common myths about eating disorders
  • Learn about the risk factors for developing eating disorders
  • Learn key differences in treating eating disorders vs. general public as RDs

Interested in learning more? Sign up for our 7 week course, Nutrition Counseling for Adults with Eating Disorders. Course provides 8.5 CEU’s approved by CDR. After taking this course, you will walk away feeling confident and well-equipped to support your clients with eating disorders, at any stage. You will understand how you can help guide them in recovery using specific dietetic interventions.

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