MRT/LEAP Protocol- Chemical Information Monosodium Glutamate (MSG)

This handout can be used during the MRT/LEAP counseling session when reviewing the client’s food and chemical sensitivity results. 

Often, this is a very information-packed counseling session, as the CLT must not only review the MRT results, but also set up the client for their personalized LEAP Elimination Diet.

Many questions arise for the client when understanding food and chemical sensitivities and how they impact their overall health. Having go-to educational resources available helps the client feel more at ease with the information they receive, knowing they have time to process it all after the counseling session ends.

This handout specifically covers monosodium glutamate (MSG), one of the chemicals tested on the MRT panel. It breaks down into the following educational sections:

  • Definition
  • Sensory Properties
  • Alternative Names
  • Additional Facts & Concerns
  • Sources
    • Process Foods & Ingredients
    • Naturally Occuring
    • MRT Tested Foods
  • References 
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