If you are new to the non-diet approach, you may find that your clients feel disoriented without a diet plan and you feel unsure about how to guide them.  On one hand, you are excited to talk about the life changing and evidence based benefits that are possible.  On the other hand, you feel uncertain and second guess yourself.  

How do we help clients with meal planning without sounding like another diet?  What is gentle nutrition and how do we deliver it to clients in a way that still supports their health?

How many times have you found yourself in one of these situations?

  • You educated your new client on the benefits of ditching diet culture, they are on board, and then you don’t know what the next step is to get them started.
  • You explained the hunger/fullness scale, but the clients express concern that it won’t work for them.  They either don’t feel any hunger cues or they do feel cues but they don’t trust what they feel.
  • Over and over again, your clients miss the safety of a diet “telling them” what to eat and they “want a plan”.
  • After a few sessions, your client feels discouraged and confused with the non-diet approach.
  • Client retention is a struggle.  Great clients come for 1-2 sessions and then you don’t hear from them again.

You’re not alone.  I know because I have been there!  It was a struggle to offer personalized support for a mindful approach.  The clients needed more structure to help them overcome the feelings of failure, guilt and shame around food choices.  They reported being exhausted from thinking about food all the time and needed something specific to focus on.  I needed guidance on ways to deliver gentle nutrition, especially with clients in recovery from eating disorders or a history of long-term dieting.

My solution is My Fuel Mix™.   An individualized framework that provides an anchor for clients on the non-diet journey to help them practice flexibility with food choices without drifting off to sea.

The My Fuel Mix™ Workbook, Meal Planning & Macronutrient Guide is the ideal resource for the client that wants to feel in control, have peace of mind about food choices and feel like they have structure without being on a diet.

Here’s what the clients have to say about using the My Fuel Mix™ framework:

“This is so much better than a forced meal plan.  I ask myself, ‘what do I actually want to eat right now?’ I feel in control and more normal (with food). “- HG

“Reframing food as My Fuel Mix™ was game changing for me on my road to recovery.  I was able to adopt the new concepts I was learning at a pace that felt safe which gave me the confidence to challenge myself and my triggers.  Being able to remove the stigma and fear around certain foods gave me the tools I needed to work through unhealthy patterns and be able to live a life not defined by food rules, strict diets, and disordered eating.” -KT

“I have developed a healthier relationship with food.  I’ve learned how to let go of the diet mentality, embrace my body and explore food choices that nourish me.  With continued practice, I’ve learned how to be less rigid and more flexible.  I’ve learned about proper nutrition (which can include soda and ice cream!) and the complexity that makes lasting change difficult.  I now have a more balanced relationship with food and more importantly, myself.” – RO

The My Fuel Mix™ Workbook FREE PREVIEW contains:

  •  Table of contents
    • overview of all topics covered in the workbook
    • instructions on how to use the workbook
  • Hunger Scale
    • background information about connection to body cues
    • 0-10 scale to guide connection with hunger and fullness cues
  • What to expect
    • answers to the most common client questions


Also available:

DIETITIAN COMPANION for the My Fuel Mix Workbook, Meal planning & Macronutrient Guide

Designed to help you get the most out of using the workbook in your sessions:

  • Guidance to help you get started
  • Prompts to help you navigate the discussion questions
  • Clear steps to help you set goals and create a follow up plan 
  • What to do when the client doesn’t meet their goal

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  • Very Useful

    Clients often have a difficult time gauging hunger, esp if they never allow themselves to feel it. This easy to read and descriptive chart will allow them to measure their body’s messages with an objective scale. Great teaching tool that can be used for all age groups.

  • Hunger Scale with explanation

    I like this hunger scale, I like that it includes what to expect and letting the client know that its normal to not feel hungry or trust your hunger cues in the beginning. I will be buying the complete guide.

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