New Nutrition Facts Label Handout

Breaks down the new Nutrition Facts label and what’s new about it. Also includes tips to utilize the nutrition label when making food choices! Perfect for patients/clients to have on hand for grocery shopping, in the kitchen and getting a hang of the basics of good food choices. Perfect for Private Practice or any educational handouts for outpatient settings!

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Positively Nourished, LLC

I'm Christie Wheeler - a Registered Dietitian Nutritionist in Denver, Colorado. I have a master's degree in Public Health Nutrition and specialized in maternal and child nutrition during my master's program and dietetic internship at Case Western Reserve University in Cleveland, OH. My virtual private practice is Positively Nourished, LLC. I work remotely with clients to develop a healthy, balanced, sustainable lifestyle that works best for them. I work with those looking to fine-tune their healthy lifestyle, pregnant and lactating mothers, families with children and those looking to prevent or manage their health issues through nutrition. I'm all about finding realistic ways to eat a nourishing diet while developing a positive relationship with food and an active lifestyle.

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