Easily calculate and create meal patterns based on estimated nutritional needs using several calculations provided (Mifflin, bariatric kcal/kg IBW, weight loss/maintenance calculator, and more). The estimated nutrient needs/meal pattern calculator is an excel document with five worksheet tabs:

  • Client Profile – displays client information on one page with estimated nutritional goals, notes for fitness/physical activity, and heart rate goals – I use empty space for adding my website, links to the dispensary, etc.
  • Calculator  – input client information needed to utilize the calculators provided to estimate nutrient needs. 
  • Meal Pattern Builder – utilize the estimated nutrient needs calculated to build a meal pattern custom to each patient/client. Provided USDA Food Patterns Recommended Daily Amounts for Each Food Group chart for reference. 
  • Progress – reference charts to determine client progress
  • Body Fat % Calculator 

This tool was created for easy, efficient planning and to use with Meal Pattern Brochure Template to provide education to patients/clients. 

Also included:

  • Meal Pattern Builder Worksheet (Xcel) – this is a 5-day planner to help educate clients/patients on the step-by-step process of how to build a meal following their custom meal pattern utilizing the “Choose Your Foods” List. This excel document has a summary of daily nutrients (meal pattern choices), built-in serving size drop-down menus for each food group, and 5-days worth of planning. All you have to do is teach your client/patient how to use the worksheet to build meals they enjoy. 
  • Example 5-Day Meal Plan and Patterns (PDF) – 9 pages examples of 1600, 1800, 2000, 2200, 2500, 2700, and 3200 calorie meal patterns w/ example 5-day meals.
  • Nutrition Meal Pattern Trifold (PDF) – 2-page front and back trifold brochure (blank) to write in the custom meal pattern for your patients/clients. An editable version is available for purchase as a separate item/product. 
  • FREE Choose Your Foods (PDF) – 35 pages;  visit EatRight.org to purchase booklets (if needed). I love the booklets for patients to give them something tangible.
  • FREE Strength Workout Template

This is a great alternative to meal planning, it is simple, effective, and provides the structure needed to help clients/patients learn about nutrition and what/how much to eat daily. We know meal plans take HOURS and HOURS of time. Allow this simple tool to work in your favor to provide a pattern and let your client/patients choose their own foods. 

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