Nutrition for Calcium Oxalate Kidney Stones

Client Handout

Easy to understand patient education material for calcium oxalate kidney stone prevention.

Based on the most updated science for calcium oxalate kidney stone prevention.  Aims to promote all aspects of a healthy kidney stone diet, not just limiting oxalate.

Education Materials Include:

  • Kidney stone diet broken down into 6 simple steps: fluid, sodium, calcium, sugar, oxalate & protein
  • Specific goal provided for each step (i.e limit sodium to 1500-2300mg/day)
  • Tips for each step
  • List of very high oxalate foods to avoid.  Check out my free resource for a complete, accurate oxalate list if patients need to restrict oxalate further.
  • Opportunity for RD to personalize the goal for total grams of protein per day
  • A “Build a Healthy Meal” page using MyPlate to help patients visualize how to put together a healthy plate

This handout is included in my Ultimate Kidney Stone Bundle for Registered Dietitians.

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