Kissable Mouth

Dialysis Bulletin board for Valentine’s Day regarding oral health.  Board includes the following points:

  1. Why your mouth matters.
  2. “Did you know?”: Bad bacteria increases inflammation and may impact albumin levels
  3. 6 things to do support oral health: Brush, floss, dentist, limit sugary meals, ice (referring to chewing ice often done by dialysis patients), healthy low sugar snack ideas
  4. Tips for finding a dentist if you don’t have dental insurance (a common problem for many low income dialysis patients)
  5. This board has two sections: First, is just slides you can print out and pop up on the board. No cutting required. This is slides 30-46. When you print, select those slide numbers to print. You could then just arrange the pages on your board.
  6. If you want to recreate the file exactly like the picture, print slides 4-34. Cut, paste, and arrange.  
  7. I think it would be fun to pass out toothbrushes and floss as a Valentine gift for patients with this board.  Also could use a real toothbrush and real floss as props on the board.
  8. Alternative titles could be “Pucker up!” or “Keep your mouth kissable”

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