Oxalate Food List

Sick of finding conflicting information about the oxalate content of food?

Much of the information online about oxalate is inaccurate due to the difficulty of measuring oxalate in food.  Early oxalate research used inaccurate methods.  The oxalate list created at Harvard is considered the gold-standard for oxalate content in foods.

Use this download as a client education piece OR as a reference for yourself!

This handout is:

  • Based off the gold-standard Harvard oxalate list.
  • Uses standardized portions to categorize foods into low, medium or high oxalate food categories
  • Includes ALL non-combination foods from the Harvard oxalate list

Looking for more comprehensive info?

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  • Oxalates In Food Summer 2020

    The ranges were way off making the list, as is, not very helpful. The diet my doctor put me on considers low oxalate to be less than 2 mg per serving, moderate oxalate to be 2 to 6 mg per serving, and high oxalate anything 7 mg and above per serving. My daily limit is 40-50 mg per day.

    • Hi Barbara. Thank you for your comment! Everyone has different oxalate needs, so there are no standardized cut-offs for what defines a “low” or “high” oxalate food. I hope you can use this to better understand how much oxalate is in some common foods and find options that fit in your meal plan!

  • This came in such great use, and I just wanted to say THANK YOU for providing this great list! It is very clearly written and in a nice easy-to-read format.

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