Have you been asked to give a presentation or seminar to firefighters to help them maximize performance and reduce health risks on the job? Firefighters are required to push their bodies to the limit on a regular basis. Studies show that dehydration or improper fueling can negatively impact their cognitive AND physical abilities. In these cases, their lives and the lives of others are on the line.

You can help firefighters understand the impact of nutrition and hydration on their workplace performance, while offering practical tips and tricks to use on the job.

This 45-minute PowerPoint presentation is ready and customizable for private practice dietitians wanting to work with these first responders. It can be used in person OR virtually! It can also be interactive depending on your preference. The slides are visually appealing and easy to understand!

The following Customizable PowerPoint slide deck can help you :

– Save on development time

– Optimize the service provided

I have spent many hours sifting through the scientific literature on the topic to provide a PowerPoint deck that offers practical tips and tricks, while being science-evidence based.

This presentation allows you to teach:

– Facts on performance nutrition for firefighters

– The importance and application of proper hydration in firefighters

– Tips for working in high heat

– Proper eating combinations & timing for energy stability throughout the shift

– Tons of practical advice

– Symptom troubleshooting (muscle cramps, headaches…)

The PowerPoint also includes references used in its development.

All you need to do is insert YOUR logo and company information in the specified areas to personalize the PowerPoint slide deck! You can then save your newly branded presentation in a PDF format following the customization. Send it to your participants as a useful resource & handout!

I have been working as Performance Dietitian and speaker in the private sector for over 12 years and have had the privilege of teaching firefighters how to maximize their nutrition for performance for the past 8 years. As a speaker, I have developed and perfected PowerPoint slide decks for over 500 workshops / presentations.

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