Are you looking for a quick tool to help you determine your athlete’s hydration needs? Are your clients looking for a way to easily log their sweat losses during training/practices/runs on their free Practice Better Phone App?

Hydration testing is an incredibly useful tool. As per Sports Dietitians Australia: “Fluid loss of >2% body weight during exercise is common in most popular sports lasting for one hour or more. Greater than 2% dehydration reduces athletic performance by up to 30% affecting endurance output, sprint times, power, reactions, decision making & skill execution.”

If you’re working (or considering working) with a Practice Better portal and a sports, active individual, or fitness niche, I want to help you save time & effort! Clients will be able to fill out the sweat loss form directly from their phone, and it will automatically be saved in their chart. This will allow you to easily access the information without having to scan or keep the paperwork.

The following form can:

  • Save you research and development time
  • Help improve the quality of your counselling/coaching by making sure you are personalizing the advice for your sport, active individual, or fitness client

When you purchase this form, you’ll receive the CODE to transfer directly into your Practice Better account. Once this has been done, you can use the form as is, or modify it as you wish. You will also have the ability to print a PDF copy of your form for paper use as per each client’s preference.

I have been counselling full-time in the private industry for over 12 years. This has given me the opportunity to adjust this form until it had just enough questions and details to be thorough without overwhelming the client.

***For a fillable & customizable PDF or WORD version of the hydration form, see my electronic & printable version HERE.

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