Private Practice Bundle

Launch your private practice with confidence!

The Private Practice Bundle contains a comprehensive ebook, essential client forms, financial planning worksheet and video lessons.

These tools were developed by RDs with successful private practices and include years of knowledge and expertise combined into easy to use resources.

Special pricing on tools to launch your private practice.  These products purchased individually are $55. Save 20% by purchasing these together.


eBook – 10 Steps to Start Your Own Business

Are you looking to start your own private practice?  If you need a guide with easy-to-follow steps to help you along the way – this is your resource!

This book shows you exactly how to start a private practice, attracting the clients that energize and inspire you. The end is worth it—your own successful business with YOU as your own boss.


Financial Tracker Worksheet + Tutorial Video

As a business owner, it’s important to have a system to track your finances – where the money is coming from and where it is going.

This Excel worksheet helps to monitor your business’s profits and losses. For those who access reimbursement, this document will also help to track payments and assess profits and turnaround time from insurance companies.


Client Consent Policy Template

Setting clear expectations with your clients is important.  What if the client expects results that are unrealistic or texts you and expects an immediate response?  It saves you a headache and keeps each of you on the same page.

This policy template covers: what to expect, what to bring, communication/HIPAA compliance, scheduling and includes a section for acknowledgment by client.


Financial Agreement Policy Template

Ever wonder what I should do with clients that no- show? Or if their payment or insurance does not go through?  How to let your client know what they are paying for? What about a refund policy?

Every private practice owner should have policies that address just that.  Often times these policies are wrapped up into a document that is called a “Financial Agreement.”  This policy template helps protect you and your business to ensure that you get paid.


Video Lesson: Client On-Boarding

The phone rings and you have a client/patient wanting to make an appointment!  So exciting!!

NOW what do you do?

This video lesson provides you with details on how to create a solid process for setting up your client (electronic or paper) and provide key documents.  It focuses on best practices so you can set-up a system that works for your practice.


Grab this exclusive Private Practice bundle today!

  • Take advantage of special bundle pricing on tools to launch your private practice.

  • These products purchased individually are $55! Save 20% by purchasing these together.

File Type .docx
File Size multiple files and file types
Number of Pages 2 videos, 5 page form, 7 page form, worksheet with 3 tabs, 31 page ebook
Product Terms and Conditions Always have a lawyer review your client paperwork prior to use. The author is not a lawyer. This document is to be used as a tool for creating your agreement.  The author is not responsible for the topicality, correctness, completeness or quality of the information provided. All materials are protected under copyright are only attended for use by the individual who purchased the template.

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