This guide is ideal for the introvert who does not enjoy talking to large groups (or in person “sales”) and now, given the current pandemic, is very useful while keeping physically distanced.  

The tutorial will walk you through the steps to successfully market and network your private practice to local referral sources like doctors.  The focus is on snail mail marketing, but also includes suggestions for one-to-one in-person networking.  

This guide will help you:

  • Identify the referral sources specific to your practice in your local area so you are targeting the professionals who need you for their clients and will be relieved to know you are available!

  • Develop relationships with your referral sources for the long term so they continue to send you clients!

  • Develop a snail mail marketing campaign aimed at your referral sources that will get their attention and bring in referrals

  • Figure out what to include in your mailings and how often to send material so you can make it clear to physicians that you are the expert their clients need and you can stay top of mind!


  • Tutorial to teach you all of the above plus …
  • 4 Sample Physician letters for inspiration or copy/pasting!  
  • 4 Sample Postcard Templates to save you time in the creative process.  These are ready to tweak with your practice info!  

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