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Some persons require calorie dense foods due to low body weight, diminished appetites, inability to ingest adequate amounts of food and fluid, and chewing or swallowing problems. Advances in food technology have provided commercially available products that enhance nutrients and are easy to use, however, many are expensive and lack the palatability of a house prepared product.  The use of house prepared meals and a supplement satisfy even the most demanding palate, improves acceptance and consumption, and saves money.

This book is your resource for creatively getting more calories and protein into food.

The 60 simplified recipes  focus on methods to prepare calorie dense foods for various textures and tastes in a time efficient and economic way.

Divided into six common recipe categories:

  • beverages
  • breads and cereals
  • desserts
  • main dishes
  • side dishes
  • sauces and soups

Each recipe provides ingredients for both one and ten portions and guidelines to easily scale hem to the desired number of portions.

Having spent many years working in home health, hospice and long-term care I have a wealth of recipes, and in 2012 partnered with another dietitian with similar interest and experience to include our combined recipes in a book. The results exceeded our expectations, and the book found unexpected markets, such as oncology, sports, rehabilitation and more.


page preview image high calorie protein cookbook

page preview image high calorie protein cookbook

page preview image high calorie protein cookbook

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