Safe or Scary Halloween Dialysis Bulletin Board

When I started working as a dietitian, I acquired a fantastic handout from a colleague that showed some common “safe” Halloween foods and some “scary” Halloween foods.  I don’t know the original creator, but I have always loved using this handout to talk to my patients at Halloween. I decided to use the same principle to recreate this board.  The cauldrons and the smoke and green bubbles are not included in the file as they were BIG pieces and had to be cut out on their own.

Safe Halloween Foods for Renal Diet

Safe: Apples, glazed donuts, peppermint patty, lollipops, skittles, craisins, Lemonheads, Animal Crackers, Gummy Bears, Apple Cider, Popcorn Ball, Candy Corn

Scary Halloween Foods for Renal Diet

Scary: Sunflower seeds, Baby Ruth, Reeses, Almond Joy, Mounds, Twix, Hot Cocoa, Caramels, M&Ms

Green Sign: “Don’t be tricked by Halloween Treats!  If you choose to eat a treat, choose a low phosphorus or low potassium treat.  And of course, don’t forget your binder!”

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