screenshots of two pages from an SEO e-book for dietitians

Are you a dietitian hoping to grow your blog traffic?  Want to build a site that allows you to earn more passive revenue through ads, affiliate marketing, or sponsored content?  If so, this SEO e-book is for you!

Many RD bloggers start their websites without fully understanding the concept of search engine optimization.  I know I was one of them – I threw up my site, added the Yoast plugin, and thought I was all set!

But I soon learned that I was missing major concepts in proper SEO, like keyword research and structured recipe data.  Once I became well-versed in these concepts, I was able to grow my website to over 80,000 page views a month and make a full-time income as a blogger.

And you can do that too!

This SEO e-book is set up as a 30-day challenge, walking you through one actionable task each day.   You’ll learn things like…

  • Which tools you need to set your site up for success
  • How to find the perfect keywords to skyrocket your organic traffic
  • On-page optimization strategies so that search engines have the best chance at ranking your content
  • Ways to build backlinks to get more trust in Google’s eyes
  • Technical SEO tips to help ensure you have the best chance at ranking
  • And more!

Take your nutrition blogging from a hobby to a business by growing your traffic to give you more opportunities for monetization.

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