Sliding Scale + Correction Factor Worksheet

This is a simple, easy to use worksheet to help patients practice combing carbohydrate counting (or base meal dose) and correction factors for more accurate dosing at meals. 

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Dog Mom Diabetes

A dietitian of 2 years, passionate about dachshunds and helping people living with diabetes. I became a dietitian because every single member of my family, excluding my younger sister and I, is living with diabetes or pre-diabetes. Diabetes is a complex, lifelong disease that requires daily problem solving, self-management skills and above all: support. I believe in a compassionate, all-foods-fit approach that allows clients to discover a personalized, successful journey with diabetes. Improving blood sugar and reducing diabetes related complications through education and goal setting is my bread and butter. I currently hold a certificate in diabetes education, am finishing my masters in personalized nutrition and plan to sit for the CDE exam this fall. I became a vendor to share tools I have created and found useful across all levels of literacy and numeracy. Please leave feedback so I can continue improving my work.

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