This SMART goal setting worksheet helps you walk through a vital piece of behavior change counseling.

The worksheet is designed as a contract that the client agrees to with him/herself. The beginning of the worksheet reminds the client what a SMART goal is:

“After my nutrition counseling session today [insert date], I have developed a number of goals that are SPECIFIC, MEASURABLE, ACTION-ORIENTED, REALISTIC, and have a set TIME limit (SMART goals). I will do my best to achieve my goals to help further my nutritional health and overall wellbeing.”

Then, there is space to set up a maximum of 6 SMART goals. I typically recommend the client to decide on a minimum of 3 goals at the end of the counseling session.

Next, ask the client his/her motivation to achieve the above goals on a scale of 1 to 10. Ask, “Why” as a way to gauge what it may take to increase their motivation if needed.

Lastly, ask the client if there are any foreseeable barriers to committing to the SMART goals.  Take a few minutes to problem solve these barriers ahead of time.

The client signs the contract at the bottom showing that he/she agrees to the plan.

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