As you know, the key to counseling or 1:1 coaching is asking the right questions and gathering the right information.

For those of you wanting to focus on individual counseling or 1:1 coaching with a sports or fitness niche, are you capable of putting in the time & effort needed to research and develop your own evaluation questionnaires? Of course you are! But as you know, one of the most important entrepreneurial questions is: “Could my time be better spent doing something else for my business or for my family”?

The following patient profile forms can:

  • Save you many hours of research and development time
  • Help improve the quality of your counseling/coaching by making sure you ask the key questions that will raise red flags for the sport & fitness client

The initial consultation questionnaire form contains the following sections:

  • Client demographics
  • Anthropometric measures
  • Client goals
  • Health history
  • Current medical
  • Training & exercise details
  • Eating behaviors

These documents include:

  • 3-page intake sheet
  • 2-day food/training log
  • Step-by-step guide on password protecting your electronic forms

All you have to do is insert your logo and company information in the specified areas to personalize the forms to your business.

These documents are available to you in BOTH an electronic and password-protected MICROSOFT WORD format, as well as a PDF format. The electronic format offers check-boxes, and areas to answer next to each question. I have also included a step-by-step guide on using a password to protect the documents once you have personalized them. Both these formats can be delivered directly through electronic health record (EHR) programs such as Practice Better, or the MICROSOFT WORD format can even be copied and built into an EHR program.

Wondering what to do with the questionnaire and food log once you have personalized them? How do you distribute them electronically? Via your email? Your website? Or with Practice Better? Check out my free resource on the topic!

I have been counselling full-time in the private industry for over 10 years. This has given me the opportunity to make adjustments to these intake forms until they had just enough questions to be thorough without overwhelming the client.

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