Do you find the data collecting for seminars / presentations / workshops to be time consuming? How about when planning nutrition details for a traveling team or group? Do you spend too much time playing phone tag or emailing back and forth with the organizers to confirm and iron out details?

This package includes the intake forms you will need to collect data and to deliver a quote in a timely manner.

The following questionnaires can:

  • Save you precious time
  • Help reduce the risk of miscommunications, which can affect your reputation

This package includes:

  • Seminar/presentation/Workshop request form
  • Travel nutrition intervention request form
  • Quote template
  • Step-by-step guide on password protecting your electronic form

All you have to do is insert your logo and company information in the specified areas to personalize the intake sheets to your business.

This document is available to you in BOTH an electronic and password-protected MICROSOFT WORD format, as well as a PDF format. The electronic format offers check-boxes, and areas to answer next to each question. I have also included a step-by-step guide on using a password to protect the group profile forms once you have personalized them. Both these formats can be delivered directly through electronic health record (EHR) programs such as Practice Better, or the MICROSOFT WORD format can even be copied and built into an EHR program.

Wondering what to do with the forms once you have personalized them? How do you distribute them electronically? Via your email? Your website? Or with Practice Better? Check out my store (NMC Nutrition) to access the FREE resource on this topic!

I have been counselling full-time in the private industry for over 10 years and have been a speaker at 500+ conferences/events. This has given me the opportunity to make adjustments to these intake forms time and time again, until they had just enough questions.

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