Are you looking to for a way to offer HS student athletes/coaches an easy to follow sports Nutrition guide? Not sure where to start? This guide is currently being utilized by head coaches, athletic trainers and strength coaches across High Schools in Texas, Arizona and West Virginia to enhance the performance of their student athletes. (Willing to personalize color schemes as per your needs at an additional price).

Recommend: Breaking down each category and using it to present to High Schools. In this guide, you will find the following information:

  •  Nutrients and functions in the body with an emphasis on athlete needs
  •  General daily fueling guidelines (including general protein needs for HS athletes who often ask about needing high protein)
  •  3 Performance plates with explanations and tips, components; light, moderate and hard competition/training day examples
  •  Pre workout and event fueling 
  •  Hydration needs, dehydration signs and symptoms 
  •  Special Nutrition considerations for adolescent athletes
  •  Snacks and “Fueling on the go” options
  •  Supplement guidelines for dietitians 
  •  Decoding the supplement guidelines at the collegiate level 

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