A Summary of the product: Sports Nutrition for the Student Athlete

Sports Nutrition for the Student Athlete is a 25-slide powerpoint presentation ideal for a group of student athletes interested in learning how to fuel for a game. The sliders cover basics about the 3 energy providing macronutrients and water. There is a brief mention of vitamins and minerals but the powerpoint does not discuss those to keep the topics interesting.

Picture This! A coach of a summer rugby camp wants a Registered Dietitian to do a nutrition talk to her athletes. They are 14-17 year old girls so this lecture is meant to be just introductory and engaging so the girls can share their thoughts and ideas as well.

This slide deck is perfect with the FREE downloadable .pdf Sports Nutrition Handout provided by Mind on Nutrition Solutions. I recommend also bringing snacks where girls can look at labels (and enjoy of course!). Please reach out to Monica Salafia MS, RD, CPT for recommendations on companies who provide free product for these types of events.

Icebreaker There is an icebreaker question in Slide 2 to get the conversation flowing!

Why Do We Eat?

A Graphic of cellular metabolism

The 6 Essential Nutrients are listed but please note this slide deck only covers the macronutrients.

The set up is:

Slide- Introduce macronutrient

Slide- Picture of foods rich in macronutrient

Slide- Functions & recommendations of macronutrient

This sequence repeats for all 3 macronutrients and then again for water.

At the end there are recipes provided that are easy enough or high schoolers to make at home for themselves and share with families!

Please allow ample time for students and trainers to ask questions ~ especially related to topics like supplements and diets. While those topics are not covered in this presentation itself, it is a good heads up!


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  • Nicely done and thorough presentation. Pictures and content all very clear and easy to follow.

    Thank you for your feedback.

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