A comprehensive set of resources for helping your patients manage phosphorus. This set is perfect for dietitians working in a dialysis center.

It includes colorful and engaging education materials that can be used with clients. This bundle also features 5, done-for-you bulletin boards that cover essential topics related to phosphorus management. A game is also included!

Combine the handouts and bulletin boards in many ways to make the renal diet approachable and easy-to-understand.


Set Includes:

5  Bulletin Boards

Binder BEE-minder

Sneaky Phos

Magic of Your Phosphate Binder

Phos: Don’t Get Hooked

Meet the Bones Brothers


7 Handouts

Phosphate Binder Handout: “Magic of Your Phosphate Binder”

Phosphorus: Beware of the Big 10

Phosphorus: Binders with Each Bite

Phosphorus: Inspect for P-H-O-S

Phosphorus: Devious Drinks

Phosphorus: Go Fresh

Phosphorus: Done Get Hooked


1 Game

Phosphorus Escape Maze



Dialysis Crossword Puzzle


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