This Supermarket Guide & Pantry Makeover was just given a new spin. It’s still the same great resource for you to use to teach your clients about healthy food shopping, but now it also teaches them how to apply it to meal planning and prep. 

This client workbook, which now includes a section on meal planning, will save you so much non-billable time. You’ll no longer have to send your clients post-session notes or spend time creating your own materials. 

Looking for something to simplify your Grocery Store Tours or an organized way to teach your clients about simplifying their shopping and stocking up for successful meal planning?  This is the perfect tool that will give your clients the information they need without overwhelming them.  The guide includes a “Pantry Toss” feature to help your clients makeover their cabinets and fridge, as well as information about making the choice to go organic or not, plus tips on shopping and stocking up easily and on a budget.  Help your clients shop and stock for success with this easy and comprehensive guide, which now includes a meal planning section! This is perfect to have your clients follow along with on a Supermarket Tour, or to use in your individual or group sessions or classes.

If you like this guide and would like more for your clients, visit my store page to see all my listings and to contact me about custom products.  Click the “view all downloads” link below.


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  • Not What I Expected

    This “Guide” was not what I expected. It shunned foods that were canned or frozen and referred to organic to be the best option to “avoid” added hormones and antibiotics and other “harmful additives”. It shunned full fat dairy products and only noted to buy “low fat” or “lean cuts” and didn’t even mention anything about fish. Also it said to avoid processed meats but if you were buying them to buy natural and organic brands?? Okay. Those two are 2 different things first of all. Second of all you should focus more on lower sodium, no nitrates/nitrites, etc. AND it referred to the Dirty Dozen and the Clean 15… perfect another diet culture reference that someone created to put FEAR in food. SO yeah, I would never show this to my clients or use this and I am a little upset that I wasn’t able to see a preview of this before purchase. It’s only $3.00 but now I’m hesitant to purchase anything else off of this website since I can’t actually see what I am getting and the description is very different from the actual product.
    And it has the RDs logo and website all over it. Why would I use this in my private practice if it’s got another RD’s practice all over it? That would just confuse my audience. You can put a reference at the end by who created it but to include your full name and website on every page just doesn’t work if you’re trying to sell this as content for other RDs to use in their practice.

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