If a resident has lost weight or shows a decline in ADLs, this assessment may be used to determine possible contributing factors by answering questions such as:   

  • Is the table height appropriate, providing the person with easy visibility and access to food?
  • Do wheelchairs fit under tables?
  • Do residents have clean glasses on and is there minimum glare on the table?
  • Is the meal service monitored by nursing staff, available to provide additional assistance as needed?

Promote Dignity by Identifying Problems

Evaluate your staff’s effectiveness at promoting dignity through dining services. Identify the root cause of a resident’s weight loss and find methods to improve Activities of Daily Living related to dining.

What do you do with this information? 

Answer twenty vital questions that assess whether dining independence is being supported. Once you complete this assessment, review the results with the appropriate staff member(s), and take corrective action as needed.  

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