Are you looking for a quick tool to help you determine your athlete’s hydration needs? Do your clients tend to forget parts to properly logging sweat losses during training/practices/runs?

Hydration testing is an incredibly useful tool. As per Sports Dietitians Australia: “Fluid loss of >2% body weight during exercise is common in most popular sports lasting for one hour or more. Greater than 2% dehydration reduces athletic performance by up to 30% affecting endurance output, sprint times, power, reactions, decision making & skill execution.”

The following electronic fillable form or log will enable you to efficiently collect data with minimal error margin. It can be used by athletes electronically or printed and used with a pen. The electronic format offers checkboxes, and areas to answer next to each question.

Wondering what to do with the client forms once you have personalized them? How do you distribute them electronically? Via your email? Your website? Or with Practice Better? Check out my store to access the free resource on this topic!

I am a sports dietitian who has been counselling full-time in the private industry for over 10 years. This has given me the opportunity to make adjustments to these forms time and time again, until they had just enough questions.

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