There is no question. Tweens and teens need snacks.

Yet, how many times have you found yourself in the following situations:

  • Your teen snacks a lot but is still always hungry for more snacks.
  • You’ve just gone shopping and restocked the fridge and pantry and your tween declares “there is nothing to eat.”
  • You buy the same snacks over and over because you can’t think of other ideas.
  • Your teen prefers the sugary snacks and leaves the fruits and veggies in the fridge.
  • Your tween is a carb loader, preferring to snack on only starchy foods, how do you encourage more variety?
  • Your teen tends to eat in front of the computer or while using the phone. How can you encourage healthier habits?

If these statements and concerns sound familiar, you are not alone! In fact, most parents struggle with at least one of these at some point.

I know, because I’m a mom of a tween and teen and have faced many of these struggles too.

That’s why I created these resources for your adolescent. Sure, these lists and recipes are handy for you too, but they provide a way for them to take responsibility for their snacks. You can share it with them or post it in a visible place such as on the fridge or pantry door for them to refer to.

The Smart Snacking for Teens resource contains:

  • Mix and match snack list with over 50 different combos.
  • Answers to 5 common questions, including what to snack on, why to snack, when to snack, how much to eat, and what mindful eating entails.
  • Bonus tips.
  • 2 pages downloaded as a printable PDF.

The 7 Nourishing Snacks for Teens resource contains:

  • Recipes that are simple enough for tweens and teens to make on their own.
  • Recipes that appeal to a variety of tastes.
  • Recipes that can be used as starting guides to come up with their own creative twists.
  • A bonus section with tips for creating great snack habits.

In addition, both resources are written to help foster an intuitive eating, non-diet approach to food and eating.

Buy purchasing these two resources together you are also saving $6!

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