page previews of fueling for performance guide

This guide is desired to provide a fueling foundation for competitive athletes and can be used as a great educational tool during high school/high level athlete counseling.

The guide contains:

  • Information on carbohydrates, protein, color and fat

  • Plate breakdown of low, moderate and high intensity workouts
  • 3 example meal breakdowns for a low, moderate and high intensity

  • Examples of low, moderate and high intensity workouts

  • A portion size guide

  • Grocery store list matching with meal breakdowns

This 30 page guide is great for your competitive athlete! The outline of the book is below

  1. Welcome (pg 3)
  2. Athletes Plate Diagram (pg 5)
  3. Carbohydrate (pg 7)
  4. Protein (pg 8)
  5. Color (pg 9)
  6. Fat (pg 10)
  7. Low Intensity (pg 11)
  8. Moderate Intensity (pg 16)
  9. Hard Intensity (pg 20)
  10. Portion Size Guide (pg 26)
  11. Grocery Store List (pg 27)

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