The Nourished Living Grocery Guide

The Nourished Living Grocery Guide is a 10-page client resource that provides structure to grocery shopping. This easily-printable guide lists a wide variety of nourishing foods geared towards supporting reproductive health and a busy lifestyle. The guide is ideal for RDNs practicing with an intuitive eating approach. Included is:

  • Intro letter with room for RD notes to help the RD individualize the guide to each client
  • 1-page how-to guide with link to a local, seasonal produce guide
  • 6-page Refrigerator and Pantry Checklist with comprehensive food groups:
    • Legumes
    • Nuts & seeds
    • Staple grains & starches
    • Baking ingredients
    • Fun drinks
    • Sweet treats
    • Crunchy salty starch
    • Fat
    • Dairy/milk alternatives
    • Eggs
    • Fish/seafood
    • Meat, poultry, meat alternatives
    • Back-up freezer items
    • Fermented foods
    • Other items (i.e. protein bars)
    • Other pantry staples
    • Non-starchy veggies
    • Fruits
    • Produce for flavor
  • 1-page Grocery List template organized by grocery store section

*A free version of this guide with additional branding and without the RD notes section is available for download by signing up for the Feed Your Zest email list at*

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McKenzie Caldwell, MPH, RDN

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Essential for outpatient & private practice RDs in reproductive health

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