The Protein Power Packet

A handy guide to protein supplements, how they work and how to make the right choice for you and your goals

Are you or your clients in need of extra calories and/or protein throughout the day?

  • Perhaps you may be coming off of a surgery or have been injured, and need extra protein to promote wound healing?
  • Maybe you’ve started a new exercise regimen, and daily caloric goals have increased to account for the extra work you’re putting in?
  • Or perhaps you’re aging, and naturally require increased protein needs to prevent muscle wasting?

The Protein Power Packet is meant to be a toolkit and guide for you to feel empowered in your health decision-making. Included is an (added) tutorial page for practitioners to help walk you through exactly how to use this packet with your clients.

In this packet, you’ll find a “How To” Guide for Practitioners along with client education on the following:

  • benefits of choosing a protein supplement
  • bioavailability explained
  • breakdown of six different types of protein powders (three vegan options & three non-vegan options)
  • symptom tracking sheet
  • quick start guide to help your clients begin their journey to finding the right protein supplement for them and their goals

This resource is meant for everyone! From recreational athletes to practitioners!

In addition, as bonus material, there are two optional pages:

  • benefits of CBD and sports performance/recovery
  • CBD symptom tracking sheet

With so much reform to cannabis regulation, many more consumers and athletes are naturally getting more and more curious about cannabis/CBD in their overall health and wellness regimens, and asking lots of questions.

Based on your questions/needs, feel free to use or remove these pages. These pages are merely meant to be accessible just in case this topic might come up in your session, but do not feel obligated in any way to utilize any of them. If you or your clients ever have more in-depth questions about cannabis/CBD that you’re uncomfortable/unfamiliar discussing, then feel free to send them on over to for more information.

Use as much or as little of this packet as is necessary/relevant to your client’s individual situation, questions and desires.

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