Earn continuing education credit while learning about supplements for athletes!

Do you find yourself buying supplements for better health or sports performance? Do you know what you are buying? Do you know how to use it? If you’re getting your information from a supplement salesperson, coach, trainer, or friends and family, there’s a good chance you got some bad information!

Supplements are a $38.3 BILLION dollar industry! But it is unregulated, leaving supplement companies free to make false claims, sell contaminated products, and mark up the price. This make it tough to know what you are really buying, and if what you are buying is effective, safe, and worth the cost.

How much money do you spend on protein powders, supplements, and vitamins? Learn how one client saved over $3000 just by learning which supplements he should take, and which ones were useless (or even dangerous!).

For less than the price of a tub of protein powder, you can get all the information you need to know about which supplements are proven effective and safe for sports performance. You could be the next one to save tons of money!

You will learn how to enhance your performance and health by knowing:

  • Which 7 supplements are worthwhile
  • How to spot a bad supplement
  • How, when, and why to take each supplement
  • Pros and cons of each supplement

This course is designed for athletes and active people that want to know how to safely use supplements for better performance and health, without breaking the bank.

This course comes with:

  • Video modules
  • Supplement buying decision guide
  • Protein powder guide
  • Supplement usage guide
  • BONUS content: Carbohydrate fueling guide
  • Documentation required by the Commission on Dietetic Registration to earn your CEUs (References, critical thinking tool, learning objectives, outline, and a quiz)


Commission on Dietetic Registration (CDR) Prior Approval Information:

Activity Number: 153066

Activity Type: Self Study, 730 (video-based)

CPEUs: 1.0 (must be completed by 1/10/23)

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