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This one-page guide walks you through the therapeutic effects of terpenes.

Terpenes are typically associated with cannabis, and are responsible for the aroma and flavor of different strains. However, with over 150 terpenes, they are also naturally found in the foods that we eat everyday!

This handout is meant to help you better understand what each terpene is responsible for and how you can incorporate more terpenes, whether in “plant” form or food form, to enhance its therapeutic benefits. For example, if you’re looking for some anxiety reduction, try adding a bit more limonene and linalool to your life!

This guide is helpful for both cannabis users and non-users. 

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  • What are Tarpenes?

    Interesting material, a new topic for me. Will use this information for personal use.

  • This was really useful information!

    This is not information that I work with a lot on a day-to-day basis and I am really thankful to have this handout incase a client does ask, or incase I think that sharing information on Terpenes may be beneficial for a patient. Thank you so much! I like the design of the handout, too, it is very clear 🙂

    • Oh thank you so much for that kind feedback, Beth! I’m so glad that find it useful, even if not in your day-to-day niche, and easy to follow. I love your perspective on how you might use it with patients too. Thanks for checking it out 🙂


  • What are Terpenes?

    Good information that I did not know about . I like to keep up to date on new information ( for me).

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