Using this comprehensive form, residents can make their dining choices known such as:   

  • The times that they are used to eating
  • The places they like to eat 
  • What foods they want 
  • And what foods they don’t to eat 
  • Any dietary restrictions a resident may have including ethnic or religious preferences 
  • Whether that person wants to explore liberalizing those restrictions in an informed choice care plan meeting

Help is here.

A comprehensive form that covers all the bases when it comes to a resident’s dining choices and can be used for liberalizing dietary restrictions in an informed choice care plan meeting.

  • Breakfast, lunch and dinner choices including preferred times and places, activities when eating, portion size, religious/ethnic/cultural/special food preferences and choice of drinks
  • Identifies a resident’s current dining situation like being on a restricted diet, any allergies, do they need help when they eat, and more.
  • What does a person want to eat on birthday?
  • And more.

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