Snack Ideas

Clients are always asking me for healthy snack ideas so I created this to share with them. I like to explain the importance of choosing a snack that is balanced with both fiber-rich carbs and protein for better blood sugar regulation and thus greater energy levels throughout the day. This sheet is best used virtually as the three “Homemade” snacks on the bottom are clickable and will send them to my website for the recipe. If used as a print version, you can simply tell your clients to search that snack item at to get the recipe. 

These snacks are for promoting general health and wellness and were not designed with any specific medical condition in mind. I wouldn’t use this for renal patients or patients with food allergies. 


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  • Missing recipe

    Not much detail or new info. One of the recipe links does not work. And recs Nature Valley Bars – too many carbs, sugar, little protein. Same for several Lara bars.

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