Why Does Fluid Matter?

As we all know, there are several components to the Renal diet, and often the amount of “restriction” placed on a dialysis patient can be overwhelming. Aside from the basic dietary recommendations for the renal diet, fluids are as equally important, and it can be beneficial to reduce that overwhelming feeling by providing your dialysis patient with a simple, yet effective, educational handout that clearly points out not only risks– but ways they can jump into action to improve their health and reduce fluid intake!

This fluid-focused dialysis handout is perfect for any and all patients, highlighting exactly why fluids matter so much in dialysis! Included you will find the following:

What happens when you drink too much fluid:

  • shortness of breath
  • cramping
  • tired heart
  • swelling
  • uncomfortable dialysis treatments
  • elevated blood pressures

How to reduce fluid gains:

  • reduce consumption of sugary beverages- choose water or ice chips
  • avoid salt
  • limit fast foods
  • chew gum
  • use smaller cups
  • control blood sugars
  • and choose fresh foods

In addition to all of the above listed tips, there is also a space specifically for the patients individual dry weight!

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