With World Kidney Day right around the corner, we thought we’d celebrate all the amazing things the kidneys do and help you share the love with your patients!

This handout will help your patients see all the functions of the kidneys:

  1. They BALANCE:
    • Acid and base levels
    • Water
    • Blood pressure
    • Electrolyte balance
  2. They REMOVE:
    1. Toxins and waste
  3. They MAKE and SUPERVISE hormones:
    1. Vitamin D
    2. Erythropoietin
    3. Parathyroid hormone

This handout will also help them understand things they can look at adjusting if their kidneys aren’t working:

  1. Diet  
  2. Medications
  3. Dialysis
  4. Transplant
  5. Healthy stress management
  6. Talk with their team

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