The step-by-step masterclass for using RD2RD to create and sell profitable digital products

Creating a store and listing products on RD2RD is a smart choice, but it only gets you part of the way towards making passive income.

RD2RD has helped RDNs create more than $400,000 in passive income. Learn and apply the strategies to YOUR store.

In my masterclass, Jump Start, I teach you how to turn your RD2RD store from inconsistent (or non existent) sales into a tool that generates consistent monthly income. You’ll go from wondering what customers want to buy to using a proven method for developing profitable products.

Jump Start takes proven online sales strategies, digests them into small action steps, and shows you exactly how to apply to your RD2RD store. 

This isn’t your typical online course that focuses too much on learning concepts and not enough on immediate application. Jump Start is unique because each module is crafted around taking action. Weekly check in meetings give you accountability and personalized feedback.

You could spend weeks (or months) trying to figure out how to get started selling your nutrition resources – or you could learn what you need from Jump Start. 

Jump Start overview

Module 1

Foundations for selling success. Your store sales blueprint. 

Module 2

Create your products with purpose and precision.

Module 3

Words and images that sell. Showcase your products.

Module 4

Attract, convert, and make sales with a clear launch plan.

You get access to video lessons, worksheets and 1:1 check-in meetings.

Jump Start is completely virtual. You’ll access videos, submit assignments and schedule your accountability meetings – 100% online.

This masterclass is perfect for action takers that want results quickly. Jump Start’s 4 modules are designed to be completed in 4 weeks. You can expect to spend about 4 hours per week to complete each module.

Learning Path

One of the biggest challenges to getting started and moving quickly is getting overwhelmed with ideas or not having a clear plan. In our first module, we get specific, establishing clear goals, defining your products and audience. Your store and products can grow/expand, but our goal will be to have a very doable launch plan that works with your schedule/life.

Successful products aren’t lucky. They are the result of staying laser focused on a specific solution and executing a plan free from distraction. This module is where  you combine creativity and productivity with templates and design shortcuts to create your product with purpose and precision.

Discover how to write a description and design a featured image that showcases your product. With clear problem and solution statements as well as a clear target customer, in this module we transition to how to present this information in an online product listing.

3…2…1… No matter how you feel about marketing, it’s essential that your products attract customers and make sales. This week is about setting goals that are personalized to you and the right fit for your products and audience. No cookie-cutter tips here.

What people are saying

I’m Megan Boitano, Jump Start creator, coach and founder of RD2RD.

I’ve leveraged digital products for passive income and have helped many Registered Dietitians do the same. This masterclass provides real life examples and a step-by-step approach for using RD2RD to create and sell nutrition resources.

Digital products are my main source of income and I’ve spoken at conferences, written articles in industry publications and been a podcast guest about this topic. I also host my own live streaming show called RD2RD Live, where I showcase RDNs with success in the digital world. 

I’ve made and helped others make $1000’s selling nutrition resources, and this masterclass shows you exactly how to do it too.

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Registration is $79 for 4 modules packed full of information, activities, assistance and support – built just for you.

Get started immediately. You’ll have access to all the resource (yes, Canva templates too!) as soon as you register. 

You don’t have to know what you want to create, be good at technology or even like selling to get results with Jump Start. It’s designed to be beginner friendly and was created for RDNs like you!

Getting started selling nutrition resources has never been easier!  

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