A New Website!

I have been working hard behind the scenes here at RD2RD.com since November on a website rebuild. Many of you have been through this process yourselves and you know what an undertaking it is! 

I decided to hire a skilled website developer with extensive experience with the ecommerce tool that we use here at RD2RD.com. This developer has been able to do custom coding to create features and functionality that were of the utmost important to me for the refresh of the site.

Yes, you know I tend to be a perfectionist – I wouldn’t settle for anything less than perfect for my fellow RDNs! I’ve taken your feedback from the past two years into account and I can’t wait to share these updates with you. Pop the champagne…here we go!


“RD2RD 2.0” is pretty! The newly-refreshed site contains:

  • New tools, navigation bars and search functionality to help you find the perfect educational piece for your needs in no time
  • Features that allow you to become a vendor in a flash – sell your own educational materials that you’ve created and earn income! Don’t leave money on the table, my RDN friends!
  • More features and functionality to help you drive purchasers to your unique vendor store!


What’s not to like? You know that I’m here to help you share your materials and tools with fellow dietitians. These upgrades will make your experience that much more enjoyable!

As always, do let me know what questions and feedback you have! Drop me a line at megan@rd2rd.com or use the contact form on this page.


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