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Creating Handouts that Impress

Having great looking handouts and office tools are good for business. Not only does it help you stand out, you can also leverage these resources for passive income. Learn shortcuts and best practices for designing handouts.

On this edition of the RD2RD Live Show, I’ll chat with Jessica Isaacs about how she combines her nutrition expertise with design savvy to create gorgeous client education tools! Jessica sells her resources in her store on RD2RD.

What we’ll cover:

✅ How to get started creating educational resources and harness your ideas
✅ What design elements to include for maximum visual appeal and usability
✅ Describe experience selling handouts as passive income stream
✅ Discuss trends in education resource design that RDNs should be paying attention to right now

In this interview, we’re going to take a deep dive into how Jessica combines her nutrition expertise and Canva skills to create handouts that impress (and earn!).

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Special Guest:

Jessica Isaacs, RD is a Sports Dietitian that believes you shouldn’t need a PhD to understand how to fuel as an athlete and focuses on creating educational resources that make nutrition easy to understand and apply. Through her social media she delivers educational and entertaining content that cuts through the BS of nutrition misinformation and fad diet culture. Outside of her 1:1 work with clients, she is a Canva whiz, creating tools and custom content for other dietitians to use in their practices.

Learn more about Jessica at

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